The Mathematical Equation Hidden in The Contours of The Skellig Defining Ireland Not Found Oil, Oil Stick on Linen on
A performed Hiberno-English poetic voiceover is set to a myriad of visual and aural counterpoints spanning twelve chapters describing a
Shipbuilding (After Covid-19). 4 Six by Three metre Wall Paintings covering 24m, (80ft) of the Siamsa Round Gallery in Co
THE ERASED HEADS OF EUROPE 2019 Emulsion on Rendered Wall 4750mm x 5580mm Image by Megan Robinson. Painted on a
TO THE HOUSE FIRE DEAD 2019, 126 Artist Gallery Galway Ireland Reaction to witnessing community response in the immediate aftermath
blank history by denis buckley
BLANK HISTORY film/talk took place at Rich Mix London 2019, screening followed by discussion on the sublimation of loss with
SQUAT CULTURE - 2017 Rich Mix London During the opening of a 6m x 5m wall painting in the venue’s
Commission for the Centenary of Easter Week 1916. A failed and abandoned History painting begins an exploration into doubt and
In film, performance, photographic work, and street intervention between 2001-2013 the artist engaged as The Irishman. The persona came out