Progress 2022

Awakening in the London Marathon 2023, Acrylic on panel, supported on timber frame, weighted by Beer Barrels, H: 2200mm, W:1830, D: 610mm.

A performed Hiberno-English poetic voiceover is set to a myriad of visual and aural counterpoints spanning twelve chapters describing a mature escape from indoctrination.

The initial premise of offering differing readings of Ulysses at the ages of both Stephen and Bloom uncovered a theme of male anxiety and fear, manifesting in patriarchal violence and, in an Irish context, collusion. As a product of an indoctrinated education, the perniciousness of which was uncovered in psychoanalysis, the artist candidly explores the deep rooted and largely unconscious fear men, from similar background and experience have, in relation to women.

The iconography of education, (particularly in the relationship between Virgin/Christ, Mother/Son), is experientially explored so the failure of patriarchal State bodies to properly investigate and conclude 3 separate incidents of violence toward women in Ireland from 1984 onward could only be comprehended by psychoanalytic theory.

The work was solo generated and completed in London and Kerry during 2020-2022.

Progress, IRL/UK 2022, English/Irish/Latin/French, (38mins)

Subtitles by Ror

Supported By Culture Ireland

6 paintings accompany the film. Mounted on beer barrels and positioned to show painting together within the same space.

More detail on painting and installation can be found here.