Outhere 2023


The Mathematical Equation Hidden in The Contours of The Skellig Defining Ireland Not Found
Oil, Oil Stick on Linen on Panel, on Linen on 3 Panels, Timber, Oil Drums, 2660mm x 4790mm x 660mm, 2015-2023

Outhere is a combine exhibition of moving image, drawing, painting and structure. The premise is one where the artist, (in performative persona), leaves the mainland of his native county, rows out beyond the Great Skellig to uncover the mathematical equation, he believes, is hidden in the contours of the islands. Once deciphered, he is convinced this equation will define Ireland. The failure of his journey is the interest. A new painting accompanies the 30 min film completing an abandoned triptych from On Doubt. The painting was completed in Kerry during July 2023 and mounted upright on a support with recycled oil drum as ballast. Free standing support breaks an exhibition space to show film and drawing together within the same space. Supported by Kerry County Council Creative Work Development Bursary 2023.

More detail on painting and installation can be found here.