In public exploration of private and internal conflicts the artist attempts to find justification for his being-in-the-world. In physical performance, (Live or to camera), in wall paintings, (often destroyed on completion) or in essays, (with restricted wording), he consistently exposes psychological ruptures, laying bare abrasions and indoctrinations hampering his progress.

He shares the cathartic process often incorporating any treatment he undergoes into the work. The frankness of his discourse and the consequences from the life he has chosen informs the responsibility he assumes in being an artist. The process culminates over time to a cohesive public statement in a simultaneous platform of exhibition, film, painting, performance, essay, event and debate.

Denis Buckley was born in Ireland, studied at Limerick School of Art and moved to London in 1985. He spent 10 years with UK performance collective The People Show, before focusing on his solo practice.

He has published essays, written articles, held discussions, curated events & festivals, open clubs and agitated at public level. He has won awards, film competitions, received commissions and funding internationally. He has taken performance around the world and held group and solo shows in both the UK and Ireland.